Monday-Thursday from 3:00-6:00pm.

Inspiring Minds Educational Programs From 3:00-6:00pm more than 40% of America’s youth are home alone, unsupervised. In this time they are exposed or involved in violence, sexual activity, drugs and crime. That’s why the Inspiring Minds After-School Program meets Monday through Thursday from 3:00-6:00pm every week.

The Inspiring Minds After-School Program helps to improve grades, provides mentoring and offers an expressive outlet for high school students.  The program allows students to work in a safe and structured learning environment.  Through a unique, dynamic teaching method students receive personalized tutoring, workshops and motivation to become the next generation of leaders. Inspiring Minds collects all interims, report cards and testing scores as a means of monitoring student progress.  The curriculum focuses on S.T.E.M., entrepreneurship, professional development and financial literacy.

Through the organization’s efforts to promote further education, college visits have become an irreplaceable piece of Inspiring Minds.  Monthly visits to different colleges are designed to show students that each college is different and that they do have the opportunity to pick the right one for them.  Inspiring Minds also monitors their college students with their follow-up program to offer guidance, assistance and motivation.